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Beer History

Apparently beer was alive and kicking back in the days of 6th millennium BC, it is recorded in the written history of ancient egypt.

The brewing industry today is a huge global business, More than 133 billion liters (35 billion gallons) are sold per year—producing total global revenues of $294.5 billion (£147.7 billion) in 2006.

Now because beer has been around for ages and is the most popular alcholic drink today i think it  deserves a news spot.  Any new beers or info I find it will be posted here.


21/05/2008 00:32

Petrol Prices

Now we have all seen the recent rise in petrol prices my concern is that this will carry on through the system.  The people who make my beer will have to pay more in petrol then cover the cost in putting the price up, this does not make me happy.

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