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Now this page is all about gadets that are out now or coming soon and yes they will be beer related.

Carlsberg Draught Master

Now you can come home from work and pull yourself a pint, put your feet up and smile and be happy with yourself that you bought the Carlsberg Draught Master.

All you do is Simply insert the keg, connect the beer tap and let the built-in chiller do the rest. Its 5 litre capacity ensures theres loads of cold, quality beer available for the lads when they come over to watch the footy. The professional chrome handle and matching drip tray also add a touch of bar-like coolness to the design.

The Beer Machine

Right this is The Beer Machine 2000 it features a brand-new custom made precision pressure gauge that measures the volume of CO-2 gas inside.

In addition, to allowing you to better control your brewing you can control the serving process.  The Beer Machine allows you to pour your beer with exactly the "beer head" you desire. Also you can customize the two extra beer tap handles that come with the model 2000. Display the name of your brew or the Brew master! Enhanced construction, design and full wrap-around heavy duty clamping system for years of service. Custom pressure gauge to indicate brew quality, carbonation level, and dispensing pressure. Carbonation unit and pressure relief system for maintaining optimal brewing conditions. Perfectly sized for conditioning beer in your refrigerator.

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